Twitter Expert Connect – Part 3

Twitter Expert Connect Reflection

My Twitter Expert Connect Project consisted of me following a few experts in a psychology domain focused on the development of children’ or teen’ brains and how that growth is affected by your surroundings and friends. The experts I followed are ; @djgraves, @tachick_APpsych, @danibev2349, @battenLRHS, @PHSAPpsych, @MsMontagnon@BethelAPPsych@PreblePsych@DontBeAFreudEach person that was chosen – that is on this list – was chosen based on a certain criteria. These 10  teachers / tutors seemed to be perfect for this type of project – they’re account was active and they seemed to be pretty specialized in the topic. I requested information such as “which is more influential : your friends as a teenager or the early education you got as a child” – or “do the stars you idolize as a teen influence you more than the education you got as a child”. I changed my questions accordingly to what the person seemed to post and argue, talk or analyze on his tweets. Before every question, I approached the person with a greeting such as “good evening”, or just by presenting myself very shortly. Following this, I either shortly explained the context of this question or I directly asked it – depending on how long the introduction or greeting was. My Genius Hour project is focused on which parenting style is more effective. My Twitter Connect being more focused on the relationship between the parental influence and the teenager’s surroundings influence, I could go into how each parental education type influences how the child reacts (in the future) when confronted with situations where he is given a choice of either being what his parents taught him to be – or follow the mob.

Reflection on the process

I did not receive any response and I am still waiting on it. I did not receive a follow back, nor did I receive any assistance. No conversations were therefore started and I do not believe this process is very effective – at least it was not for me. Why? I think just searching up what you want to get is a better solution or contacting experts by other means would have worked way better. I like the idea of using Social Media as a tool for school, but I personally believe there are many others that are easier to use.

Genius Hour Project – Reflection

My Genius Hour project was focused on the different ways to create an application. That could be a social network or a small game for a smartphone, or even a complicated program for editing videos or anything you really wanted to be done with technology.

My reason for choosing this topic is because I was always quite fascinated by the “art” of technology and using it to create things entertaining for others – and for yourself. I believed I would get alot of information that would be able to make me able to create / try to create an app of some sort.

My research question was “how to make an app”. It was focused on what applications (how ironic!) and platforms could be used to make apps such as small games. I also found a couple websites that could be used aswell.

I learned that creating applications isn’t as hard as it seems if you have the correct combination of resources and appropriate skills. I also learned that there is a variety of different websites or platforms available to make an application – therefore there isn’t and excuse that you could not find a good website. However I also learned that there are different levels of creating an app. Some people go hardcore and code their way through – I would recommend experience and patience if you will try and do that.

This project taught me that once you look into something, it usually seems harder than it really is, or easier than it really is ; basically meaning it will rarely be what you think it is. It taught me that becoming successful in technology is mainly related to  being patient and knowing how much you want something.

I believe what I learned could help aspiring coders and young app makers in this domain and warn the people that are willing to join about how hard this could be if you don’t have the determination and skill to do it.

I was planning to do research on psychology and how certain people or things you do influence your future and the choices you might take later in your life. I want to do this because many kids do not know who you need to be around you as a teenager so you are positively influenced and more inclined to be successful in your life.

thank you for reading.

Joaquin R.

My School Lunches

Hey again,

Today I will talk about lunches at my school.

My studies take place at the international school of Dakar, also known as ISD. Being one of the best schools in West Africa, the lunches is known to be one of the best between our WAIS (West African International Schools) community.

Our school offers a wide variety of lunches made available at different prices – obviously the smaller and worse ones at a cheaper price. However one thing that is negative, however not surprising is the price of each food individually.

I would improve this by making the prices cheaper, and making the quantity of food larger. I find it a bit too much that a small cup of orange juice is for 1500CFA (2.5$).

Panic at Disneyland

I was around six or seven years old. I spent most of my childhood in south eastern Asia – countries such as Vietnam, Laos or Thailand. I thought I have done it all – marched in rain forests, take a boat through the Ha Long Bae, but nothing prepared me for this.

Our tour of the Disneyland park of Hong Kong had an expedition on a river. My young self saw no problem in this, and myself today still doesn’t see one.

I was accompanied by my at that time 4 years old brother and 8 years old sister. My parents following us behind, happy to see their kids happy and excited for another adventure – even after all they have already experienced.

I remember waiting over half an hour for the pirogue to come back at the wooden dock. Once there, I was surprised by the simplicity of the boat. My young and immature self expected a lowkey yacht and I got a ship made of wood and leaves. I looked around, and realized my brother was in the same sauce I was in. The next few minutes made me an him infinitely closer for the next couple hours.

Once one step in the pirogue, I felt the whole ship moving. That is when I got scared. I remember tears down my cheeks, my eyes red of tears in a couple of minutes.

We’ve been on the boat for over 10 minutes, and I saw a multitude of animals on the side. Now my head was burried in my mom’s shoulder. Once I opened my eyes, I saw fire on the water.

Next time I opened my eyes, the boat was near the dock. I remember a horrible headache. My eyes were read of tears and my sister was laughing in front of me. All of this on camera.

PS : The next year I deleted the video.

The Soccer Game

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The Soccer Game


July 4th was a big day for Stefan. It was the first game of his youth career at Norwich. The amount of stress that he felt was more than ever.

Part 1

Stand did an outstanding job at the tryouts, but an unappropriated rivalry was established between him and an other great player at the training camp. The rivalry stuck during the whole camp and even when they were both recruited into the first team.

Part 2

Once the competition started, the rivalry between the two strikers kept going – in a positive or negative matter. Make up the rest of this story on your own!

Good Rading and be creative!

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Here are the steps to comment on Edublogs

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What to comment?

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Density Ebook for Children

Me and John have worked during the past weeks on this book exclusively for children between the age of 10 and 12. The main topic on the book is density and it discusses how to find the density of regular and irregular solids. It also discusses more complicated things such as the density of a gas or of a liquid. However, all of this is done in an appropriate manner of a young student.


Solar Lamp Lab

Solar Lamp Reflection – Joaquin and Alfou

The first steps we planned out for our project were for the construction. We searched for a box of right size, right color, and right shape. It was hard to find one because usually they were either made of materials way to soft or at times way too hard to change the shape. Once we found a small black box big enough for our circuit to fit inside, we had to shape it and take away some of the not needed decorations already on it. During this process, we used tape, a pair of scissors, exacto knifes, and a hot glue gun. When that was done, our box looked like it was ready.

The second part of our project was planning our circuit. To do so, we started of by making a rough 2D sketch on paper. Right after that, we made sure the 2D sketch was perfect and we double checked it to make sure we haven’t misdrawn anything. The last thing we have done to plan out our circuit was try to draw it in a 3D format. The issues we encountered were mostly related to art due to our lack of skill in that domain. This step was maybe one of the hardest ones for both of us because we really aren’t skilled in that area. Later that day, we thought it would be smart to draw the circuit within a drawn version of the box. It took us time but I believe it was necessary.

The third part of our project was very focused on our circuit. During that step we built our circuit and made sure it was fully functional. The first problem we encountered was the length of the circuit cords. At first way too long to fit our circuit, we used the stripper to make them shorter but eventually made them too short. Later on we remembered we could add on to the cords by burning two of them together (I forgot what the machine was called).  

Once that was done, we moved on to the part where we had to install our circuit in the box. This step was more challenging because of the length of our circuit and the fact that it wasn’t very strong. After countless tries (4 or 5) where we tried shortening our circuit, we finally reached a reasonable length that was good enough for our box. The fragility of the circuit was a huge burden and it’s something we would have to fix next time. Eventually, the circuit fitted in the box even if it was in a way I wasn’t expecting.

One of the great things that happened during our project was when we both understood how a circuit works by doing some hands on work. An important concept that I remembered / learned was if the battery isn’t placed in the middle of a parallel circuit, it makes it useless. The battery needs to equally distribute its power for the circuit to be functional. Therefore, we tried reproducing the battery in the middle inside our box, and it ended up being not as clean as we thought it would be and actually pretty messy.


One thing that helped in our project was the cooperation between me and Alfou and that we knew what we had to do to achieve what we wanted. That means that for example, he would focus on insulating the circuit while I would focus on building it. I believe it greatly helped us to work that way (by dividing the work) and it’s a strategy I will use more in future groups in pairs.

One thing we really should have done is double checking everything once we thought we were done. Lots of mistakes have been revealed once our project got checked, and most of them were mistakes that could have been caught by us if we double checked (like for example the battery protecting or the insulation of cables.

Compared to our last project, there was an obvious time managing issues that was changed and made us focus greatly on how we use our time and what do we do with it. It’s something that I think should be highlighted and reproduced.

How do you learn best?

The best way for me to learn is probably in a closed room with like calm music with headphones or something like that. I really love being isolated when I work. The worst conditions for me to work are noisy places where I can be distracted easily. For example, I wouldn’t be able to work with a gaming console around or really distracting friends. Another way for me to learn is being around “supervisors” like teachers or adults around. It’s also pretty easy for me to work when I’m paired up with people that I kind of dislike or don’t feel any connection with them. An example for that would be when I had a project in SS last year, and I was paired up with someone that I never really talked to. I got B+ on that project, while once when I was paired up with a really good friend, all we did was laugh at random things during class. Sure it was fun, but the grade we got was pretty terrible.